Our History

Celebrating 40 Years of Bath, Body & Beauty!  Check out our website for access to all of your must-have bath, body, and beauty accessory items!

How It Began: 

It all started in 1969 with a hand-made bar of bayberry soap…40 years later, this modest apothecary piece has led to the way to 40 years of success. Drawing upon the natural beauty and resources that our Canadian landscape offers – clear Canadian waters, endless fields of botanical herbs and natural minerals have been the secret and inspiration behind our beauty products.

We are committed to combining time tested traditions and ingredients with the latest in innovation and technology to bring customers nothing but the very best in bath and body care. Being 40 never looked so good.

Our Mission

•To incorporate the beauty and pureness of the nature around us into every product we make.

•To be committed to excellence, ingenuity and quality while maintaining the proven traditions and standards of our 40 year heritage.

•To provide products that enhance the well-being, delight the senses and deliver on their promised end-benefit.

About Our Products 

We are surrounded by nature and inspired by it – clean Canadian waters and botanical ingredients and extracts that have been used for generations. As a modern day Apothecary, we use this inspiration to make affordable luxuries using nothing but the finest, purest ingredients.

With over 2,000 bath and body products to our name, our focus is a commitment to natural product formulations leaving harsh chemicals and preservatives out of the mix. And as always, we keep our products close to home by developing and manufacturing all of our personal care products locally in Canada.

None of our products or ingredients are ever tested on animals.

Where to find us:

At our online store of course uppercanadasoap.com


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